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Electromobility: Dust on sensitive components can cause damage worth millions

Contaminated components in sensitive electronic assemblies can cause significant damage in the production of electric vehicles. In most cases, contamination is caused by unclean production conditions. TRESOLID, with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology, offers effective protection with its concepts for personnel and materials sluices for cleanrooms.

Dust under the electron microscope

Production conditions for the emerging field of electromobility, as well as already existing production processes for electronic components, require high standards of cleanliness with so many sensitive assemblies. Dust and general contamination can infiltrate into the production areas of e.g. sensitive electronic components, and impair their function. If impurities land on microscopically small conducting paths, a short circuit might result, leading to the malfunction of the component. This problem multiplies with increasing mass production and can affect entire production batches. Damages resulting from new production can be enormous. In the worst case, recall actions are required, which can cost millions.

The most common reasons for contamination are non-existent or insufficient facilities to prevent the ingress of e.g. dust and pollen. In most cases, employees and visitors carry impurities in with them on their clothing. The solution lies in the production of appropriately equipped cleanrooms, as well as in effective personnel and materials sluices. In appropriate sluices and locks, personnel can put on adapted clothing and thus prevent the ingress of impurities. TRESOLID from Bad Wildungen has many years of experience in this area from the particularly demanding field of pharmaceutical and medical technology, and also offers adapted solutions for the automobile industry. As well as advice, 3D planning and production, the medium-sized company from Germany also offers installation and sealing by its in-house team. TRESOLID places particular value on quality and well-conceived, functional product design.



Personnel airlock, vehicle plant

Personnel can put on appropriate clothing in the airlocks and thus prevent the entry of contamination. TRESOLID from Bad Wildungen has many years of experience in this field in the particularly demanding pharmaceutical and medical technology sector and also offers adapted solutions for the automotive industry. In addition to consulting, 3D conception and production, the medium-sized company from Hessen also offers assembly and sealing by its in-house team. TRESOLID attaches particular importance to quality and well thought-out, functional product design.